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The Phonebook is a Waste

....And in more ways than one. Let me ask you, have you used your phonebook today? Better yet, I'm willing to bet you could count on 1 finger (preferably the longest one) how many times you've used your phone book this year. With commonplace resources such as iPhones and crackberries, it's so much easier to just 'Google it'. With googling, you find the phone number you were looking for far faster and without all the nonsense and clutter.

Yet, phonebook reps still insist on their importance and relevance in today's modern society. Putting Phonebook reps aside, more importantly ask yourself: "Do I really want a customer who found me in a phonebook?" For some businesses a customer is a customer. For most, an informed consumer who chooses to go with your business is not going to come from a phonebook ad. Its a waste of your advertising dollars.

Despite how the internet has changed the way consumers shop, they still print billions of books each year. In Wenatchee our phone books tend to be about an inch thick. Travel 2 hours west: they are probably closer to 3-6 inch phone books. If each book is 4 inches thick, how many trees are ripped down-- just to never get used? It's a waste of not only trees, but the gas, and energy used to sell these useless and atrocious books! Now I'm not an environmentalist, however I am a realist. I cannot fathom with the internet so readily availablein your pocketthat phone books still exist. Phonebooks are a terrible, terrible waste.

Part of my goal with Dempsey Design is to promote green and environmentally responsible design. I will build you a fantastic website that you can change anytime (even if your phone number is wrong) for probably less than what you're paying your phonebook rep. You will get more quality business from your website than with your yellow page ad. I'll guarantee that, and you'll be taking a great step towards improving the environment and a giant leap towards improving your business.

Contact me today for a free consultation.

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